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Month: October, 2011


Can’t find a way to delete this so am abandoning it since there was no interest.


Home Depot

To be together I went with Chris to Home Depot for electrical and plumbing supplies. We talked about our day, the things he was looking for, plans for the house, and had prolonged silences too. It was long and a little boring for me but we were near each other and felt closer. In the car we had deeper conversation. If I had stayed home we wouldn’t have talked at all.

About Us

This blog is about us, Chris and I, as a couple.

We’ve been married 22 years.  We are both oldest children and he is younger than I am.

I thought it might be interesting to blog our relationship a little bit and see what there is to learn for us and for followers (if any).  Are you interested?  Do you wonder what is happening in working marriages.  Well, I wondered.